Build to Rent in Scotland – Now Punching But Still Below its Weight | Market Review

We are delighted to release our Build to Rent Market Review, courtesy of the Rettie & Co. research team, Scotland’s largest dedicated property research team.

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The Build to Rent sector had been slow to develop in the Scottish market, with much excitement and discussion but limited delivery. This trend saw a shift in late 2017 as a number of schemes progressed through planning to secure a BTR pipeline within Scotland.

Dr John Boyle
Director of Research & Strategy

Key Findings:

  • BTR units operating or in the pipeline in Scotland are now up to around 4,000 units, but this is only around 3% of total such units in the UK.
  • There is significant Scottish Government support for the sector, including a new £47.5 million long-term loan to boost Mid Market Rent (affordable BTR).
  • The opportunity for BTR is huge in Scotland, particularly in providing us with the ability to build more quickly out of our housing crisis, but obstacles remain, particularly around political uncertainty and planning.
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