Can I switch estate agents?

Can I switch estate agents?


Deciding to put your house on the market is an exciting step and takes careful planning and consideration.  However, the process is all too often a stressful and frustrating one when things don’t go to plan.

After spending time researching local estate agents and having a selection of them come to value your property, you make your decision. It’s time to list your property and wait for the viewings to stack up.

Often, you’ll see an initial burst of activity, hopefully with multiple viewings and second viewings over the first few weeks.  During this time, you’ll hear regularly from your agent; providing feedback and furnishing you with details of all the interested parties – always with a positive story to tell.

But over time, things can often start to slow down, with few (if any) viewing appointments in the diary. You may start to hear less and less from your agent.  It seems that while local house hunters have lost interest in your property, so too has your agent.


The excitement and expectation that you felt at the start of the sales journey, now slowly turns to frustration and fatigue.  However, it is important not to lose faith at this point, as difficult as that might be.  Your expectations should remain as high as they were the day you instructed your chosen estate agent. 

It’s worth arranging a meeting with them to discuss progress so far and the ongoing marketing of your property.  Your agent should be able to provide you with a detailed plan of action to help generate more interest, more enquiries and more viewings.  It’s vital however, that this activity is targeted at the right people; people who are likely to actually buy your property.  Broad brush marketing techniques might be used at the start of the process to ensure as many people as possible see your listing.  But your agent should be using their applicant database to match your property to potential buyers, following up with interested parties. Furthermore, they should be utilising their local knowledge and expertise to generate more viewings, after all, that’s what you’re paying them for!


So, the question is, can you change agent?

If you feel that your efforts with your existing agent are not getting you anywhere and they are failing to meet your expectations, you can and should consider switching estate agents.  As a vendor you should be working with a company that you can trust to handle the sale of your property and who will deliver on everything they promised at the outset.

There are a few things that you need to consider when opting to switch, however. 


Look out for any sole agency period that you might be tied in to.  Also, you may be required to give your current agent notice when you plan to stop using them.  Information on both things will be in your agency contract that you signed at the point of instruction.

You will also need to request a list of all the people who viewed your property along with the dates.  This is very important information to provide to your new agent and should be discussed once you’ve instructed them to sell your property.


Choosing your replacement agent should be a careful and considered decision based on what they can offer to you that your previous agent couldn’t.  Local expertise, excellent customer service and a strong track record should be factors which help form your decision.  It’s vital to choose an agent that you can trust not to let you down again so be sure to read reviews and ask for previous client testimonials.  Lastly, beware of agents overvaluing your property in order to win your business – valuations should always be based on local knowledge and current market conditions.

If you are unhappy with your existing agent, Rettie & Co. can offer advice on how to make changing to a new agent, a smooth and painless transition.  Your local team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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