Can the New Planning Bill Help Scotland to Deliver More New Homes? | New Homes Bulletin

The latest of our New Homes bulletins has been released. The findings have come from our carefully researched data courtesy of the Rettie & Co. Research Team, Scotland’s largest dedicated property research department.

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• Scottish Government’s new Planning Bill is designed to overhaul the planning system, but is introduced against a backdrop of continuing stagnant levels of new build supply, with completions only up 1% on the last year in Scotland as whole.

• Just released Scottish Government figures show a mixed picture on new build housing starts across the country, with overall starts up 13% in the past 12 months and significant increases in Glasgow and Aberdeen, but numbers falling back heavily in the Lothians.

• There are Brexit concerns in the industry given that over 1 in 5 of the house building workforce are from outside the UK. Cost concerns are already heightened by the sharply rising Building Material Prices Index.

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