Perthshire Residential Sales Update 2019

Perthshire Residential Sales Update 2019

Perthshire Residential Sales Update: Focused Expertise in Perth and Kinross

Our research shows that the sale of prime residential property (above £500,000) is continuing to grow in Perthshire. Total transactions of all properties sold over £500,000 has increased by 70% over the last five years.  There are two very interesting threads from these statistics. Firstly, it indicates that the Perthshire property market is enjoying improved trading conditions over the longer term, which is backed up by the Land Registry Data released in early 2019. The second point highlights the seasonality of the market, with those vendors who launch their property early in the spring market capturing the best performing part of the year. 

Perthshire transactions have increased by 70% in the past five years. Alastair Houlden, Director of Country House Sales, leads Rettie & Co.'s Perthshire team. He notes that “the last five years have translated to rising house prices, a trend we expect to continue over the next five.”

The Perth and Kinross market is improving in sales and prices with a post-recession quarterly peak of 903 transactions in Q3 2017. This figure dropped back only slightly for Q3 2018 to 874.  On an annual basis Q1-Q3 from 2013-2018, we see a marked increase in transactions of 40%. Over the same five year period, there has been a 14% increase in house prices, which in turn relates to a 59% increase in turnover.  

Our forecast for annual house price growth in Perth and Kinross from 2019 through 2023 is as follows:  

2019           2.1%
2020           1.2%
2021           3.5%
2022           3.5%
2023           4%

The Perthshire team prides itself on its local Perthshire expertise and our exceptional customer service. Two recent testimonials from our clients encapsulate the tailored and personalised sales experience given to each client.

"Alastair and the team at Rettie & Co. showed thorough knowledge of the property market with a professional and friendly service which, coupled with the strength of the Rettie & Co. brand, resulted in our successful sale." Professor and Mrs. Trayhurn

"From the first meeting, I was convinced that I had made the right choice. The whole process was very much a 'one stop shop,' which completely took the burden from my shoulders. Communication with the client is, I believe, very important in any buying/selling transaction and I am pleased to advise that Alastair and Joanna were superb in that department. I was completely satisfied by the professional service provided by Alastair and Joanna. I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice of Rettie & Co.." Mr. W Ross

If you are looking to sell your property in Perth & Kinross, please don't hesitate to contact Alastair or Joanna.

About Alastair Houlden

Alastair joined the Residential Sales department at Rettie & Co. in March 2001, following four years of estate management on the Beaulieu Estate in Hampshire. He specialises in rural residentia...

Alastair Houlden
Director of Country House Sales
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