Properties we've sold in Heaton in 2019

Properties we've sold in Heaton in 2019


Rettie Newcastle is pleased to have sold some splendid homes in Heaton in 2019. These handsome homes are found at all price ranges and demonstrate the diverse housing on offer in Heaton.

Follow us through Heaton and see all the wonderful homes we've sold in 2019.

321 Heaton Road
Asking Price £600,000

183 Rothbury Terrace
Asking Price £250,000

127 Cardigan Terrace
Asking Price £150,000

80 Whitefield Terrace
Asking Price £215,000

58 Wandsworth Road
Asking Price £215,000

56 Second Avenue
Asking Price £125,000

43 Tenth Avenue
Asking Price £225,000

40 Coquet Terrace
Asking Price £310,000

35 Falmouth Road
Asking Price £220,000

34 Cartington Terrace
Asking Price £325,000

32 Cheltenham Terrace
Asking Price £250,000

36 Rothbury Terrace
Asking Price £335,000

29 Stannington Avenue
Asking Price £140,000

22 Norwood Avenue
Asking Price £265,000

22 King John Street
Asking Price £135,000

22 Balmoral Terrace
Asking Price £200,000

19 Sefton Avenue
Asking Price £425,000

17 Norwood Avenue
Asking Price £295,000

21 Beatrice Road
Asking Price £320,000

20 Trewhitt Road
Asking Price £320,000

4 Eastcheap
Asking Price £150,000

16 Marleen Court
Asking Price £182,500

11 Roxburgh Place
Asking £265,000

8 Swindon Terrace
Asking Price £285,000

We have enjoyed assisting our clients with the sale of these beautiful properties over the course of the year and watching both buyers and sellers begin the next phase of their property journey. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in Heaton, Rettie's dedicated Newcastle team would be delighted to help with the next step in your journey. Get in touch with Rob Taylor, Mary Walker, or Emma Lane for a confidential conversation or a market appraisal.

About Rob Taylor

In 1995 Rob began his property career in Hexham. Since then he has worked throughout Newcastle and Northumberland for some of the North East's most prominent estate agents. In 2009 he joined Rettie...