Rettie & Co. and Canopy Continue Their Partnership

Rettie & Co. and Canopy Continue Their Partnership


Rettie & Co. and Canopy continue their partnership to bring Scottish renters deposit free rental and seamless digital referencing

The partnership between Rettie & Co. and UK rental market app Canopy steps up a gear thanks to the introduction of instant digital referencing for our customers. Canopy allows renters a range of benefits and now includes the streamlining of the rental process by removing the hassle and associated costs with referencing. Now, renters will have instant access to their history with a click of a button.

Simple, Fast, and Convenient

Canopy will use transactional data to verify income and past rental payments. Using Open Banking for verification, renters can then take control of their own financial data and share it with organisations of their choice. Installed with bank-level security, Open Banking uses rigorously tested software and security systems to ensure maximum protection. It is designed to make things simpler, faster, and more convenient while also improving residents’ rental health with a hassle and stress-free experience. This allows residents to benefit from instant lettings, frictionless reference checking, and a new approach to deposits to build a positive credit score.

Rettie & Co. announced the trial of Canopy’s RentPassport and DepositFree insurance earlier this year and is pleased with the addition of Canopy’s digital referencing tool to this extensive offering for residents.

RentPassport and Deposit Free Insurance

“Canopy’s RentPassportTM enables renters to build a digital rental profile and access a range of financial wellness products including deposit free renting and tracking rental payments on Experian’s CreditExpert, which is incredibly useful for us to offer our renters,” says Matthew Benson, Director of Development Services at Rettie & Co.

“The Deposit Free Insurance is also a game changer for people who want to move but don’t have the equivalent to four weeks rent to pay upfront. There’s a one-off policy premium paid by the renter which covers both parties for up to three years.”

Tahir Farooqui, CEO of Canopy, commented: “Securing a rental property can be very stressful, especially when waiting for character references and waiting days to find out whether you have passed. Digital referencing technology will remove this and people using Canopy will have their referencing history at the fingertips - ready to share with potential landlords at the click of a button.”