Welcoming Fiona Pagett - Pivoting, adapting & thriving. It's never too late to change career paths.

Welcoming Fiona Pagett - Pivoting, adapting & thriving. It's never too late to change career paths.


  • Fiona Pagett joins Rettie & Co, as a Senior Sales Negotiator & Valuer at Rettie Borders
  • Fiona: "I love estate agency, and it really feels as though it pulls all my past experience and skills together."
  • Look out for Fiona in our new Rettie Borders film, in the beautiful and historic town of Peebles. 


Rettie & Co. are delighted to welcome Fiona Pagett as a Senior Sales Negotiator and Valuer at our Rettie Borders Branch. Fiona has over the years collated a great deal of knowledge and expertise through various career paths, and as a result has found herself in a role which she not only loves, but feels as though it pulls together all her experience and skills and allows Fiona to thrive with us here at Rettie. 

Having lived and worked in the Scottish Borders for 21 years, Fiona is a great contribution to the team whose local knowledge is second to none. Proactive and not afraid to make different life choices, Fiona has enjoyed a colourful career in broadcast journalism, corporate communications, video production, personal training and most recently, estate agency.

Straight off the bat from joining Rettie, Fiona puts her talents to great use by starring in a video where she connects her personal history to her current role. Taking us through the historic town of Peebles, Fiona’s local knowledge and passion is clear and a pleasure watch.

Fiona is most definitely a glass half full type of person, and her get up and go approach to life is admirable and energising. Fiona always encourages people to keep gaining skills in life and to change career regardless of age as so many become fearful, it is always possible to change and find what you love doing.

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