New Homes Sales

Our experienced sales team are able to either support a developer's current sales team or can provide a full independent service.

Broker Team

We are the only estate agent in Scotland to have a dedicated team of property brokers who actively match potential buyers from our database of over 15,000 people to our portfolio of properties. This service is offered on a referral only basis to support a client's in-house sales team and fees are charged only when a referral is converted to a confirmed sale. Our brokers are primarily rewarded on commission and as a result are highly motivated to sell. This has significanlty increased the viewing numbers for our clients resulting in increased sales rates.

Flexible Staffing

Our flexible contracts allow clients to increase and decrease staffing levels to match sales activity on-site, offering a potential of up to 15% cost saving compared to recruiting and employing a permanent member of staff in-house.

For smaller development projects, or as a support to client's in-house sales teams, we can provide dedicated sales negotiators based in our offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Melrose. Viewings on-site can be facilitated on an appointment basis.

There is also the option to have dedicated 0845 telephone line answered from our offices with a personalised response for each project.

Reporting and Market Knowledge

Our sales team can produce detailed reports regarding sales & marketing activity and customer product feedback in order to inform our client's strategic decision making. Reports can be designed to meet client requirements.

Through our Consultancy & Research department we have access to current and historic market data, which is vital in order to review and project market pricing.