Farms & Estates

At Rettie & Co. the Farms & Estates Team have worked hard to secure a reputation for success, innovation and creating and sustaining client relationships that endure. We are well placed to help, advise and assist on the wide range of complex rural matters and issues affecting farmers and landowners today. Our clients receive the same high level of service, attention to detail and impartial advice whether dealing with five or fifteen thousand acres.


Our team specialise in the sale and acquisition of rural property and have over 100 years of cumulative experience selling Farms & Estates

Market knowledge and strong negotiating skills provide the foundations for selling farms and estates to their best advantage. However, the process is highly complex and our cumulative experience in dealing with rural property matters, including many of Scotland's most significant rural farm, estate and portfolio transactions, affords us a deep understanding of both the estate and farmland markets.

Farmland offered for sale attracts a broad market audience that includes existing farmers; lifestyle buyers seeking attractive residential farms; and investors looking for commercial prospects for long-term capital growth, as well as seeking to utilise the capital taxation benefits farmland frequently offers. Estate purchasers are drawn from many spheres of life with the majority of residential and sporting buyers focusing on location, landscape and tranquility whilst corporate and institutional purchasers seek development opportunities with commercial potential.

Understanding these demands and the intricacies of the agricultural sector allows Rettie & Co. to mastermind any sale project for you, maximising returns for sellers of rural property.