Preparing Your Property

If you let your property through Rettie & Co., our experienced Letting & Management team can help you with the practical aspects of preparing your property for viewing.

Presentation is paramount. In this extremely competitive rental market, the presentation of your property is the single most effective key to securing a tenant.

Here are our tips on décor, selecting the right furnishings, cleanliness and gardening.

And of course, once you have prepared your property ready to receive tenants, we provide all of our tenants and student tenants with guides on how to look after their rental homes.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our services for landlords, please get in touch with our team.


Décor should be light and neutral. The chosen colours may not necessarily be to your own taste, but they will appeal to the broadest range of tenants. The fixtures and fittings should complement the style and standard of your property, as tired and dated properties will attract a lower quality tenant.

If you require assistance with any DIY, or home improvements, our in-house maintenance team can help. Contact us here to find out more.


The furnishings should be of a standard representative of the type of property that you are letting, and should cater for the tenants that you are aiming at. Furniture that is of inferior quality, or falling apart is not acceptable, given the quality of property available in the current market. The lifespan of furnishings and décor in a rental property is roughly half of that in your own home so be prepared to invest in this on an ongoing basis.


Cleanliness is of extreme importance. The property should be cleaned to a professional standard in advance of the tenancy, including carpets, curtain and soft furnishings. This same standard will be expected in return from the tenants when they vacate. Cleanliness is one of the main areas of contention at the termination of a tenancy, and this can be avoided if the property is properly cleaned to start with. If you are in any doubt of the requirements we can provide you with guidance on this, or we can recommend a cleaning firm to undertake this on your behalf.


Where you have a garden, we will advise if it is appropriate to include the services of a gardener as part of the tenancy. As a general rule, tenants can be reasonably expected to cut the grass and keep the borders weed free, however this is very much dependent on the size of the garden. Where a garden is mature with numerous trees, shrubs and bushes, it is in a landlord best interest to hire a gardener to ensure that the standard of the garden in maintained throughout the tenancy period.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our services for landlords, please get in touch with our team.