Rules & Regulations

Let Rettie & Co. unravel the red tape

Even if you let just one property, you are subject to rigorous rules and regulations governing gas, electricity, soft furnishings, and so on. You also need to register with your local authority as a landlord – otherwise, you could be committing a criminal offence.

Rettie & Co’s letting staff are adept at guiding clients through the rules relating to letting property.

We can make sure your properties comply with all relevant regulations, and that you meet the landlord registration requirements. If you are a non-resident landlord, we will help you complete the necessary paperwork. We will send you regular newsletters, warning you about any changes to the rules, and giving more general market news.

We can also help with the financial aspects of letting property: compliance with money laundering and insurance requirements, for example, and advice on maximizing the yields from buy-to-let property.

To find out more about our letting services and how we could help you through the letting rules and regulations, please get in touch.