How to host virtual viewings

As part of Rettie & Co’s online offering for our clients, we are providing ‘virtual’ viewings by way of an interactive Microsoft Teams video call to help protect our customers and our team. This is in line with Government guidelines on both social distancing and Health and Safety.


A maximum of five viewers will be invited to participate in each video call, which we will co-host with you, the homeowner, if you are conducting your own viewings.  This will enable us to facilitate more people conducting their first viewing from the safe environment of their own home.

After arranging a suitable virtual viewing time with the Rettie team, we will send a confirmation email containing a unique link for the viewing and instructions. You'll need to download the Microsoft Teams app on your chosen device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone) prior to your first viewing to allow you to register and familiarise yourself with the functionality. 





1.     Preparation: At your allocated viewing time, please click on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link provided by email and wait for our agent to invite you into the call. Once the video call starts you should change the direction of the camera so that it is facing outwards in the direction you will be walking around your property. It’s helpful to familiarise yourself with the various MS Teams functions in advance of your first viewings, our agent will do their best to offer guidance. Please see our handy tips section below.


2.     The viewing: The initial walk through should last around 5 minutes, depending on the size of your property. Viewers will have their devices on mute during this time. Once you have completed the walk through, we will invite questions from viewers and you can then return to specific rooms or features, on participants request, in order for them to take to take a closer look.


3.     Follow up: A member of the Rettie team will contact the viewers the following day for feedback and to ascertain interest. For anyone looking to take their interest in the property further, we can then arrange a physical viewing. We have new protocols in place to ensure these are conducted safely, in line with government guidance.

Remember to film in landscape mode and do not change the orientation during the viewing.



1.        Preparation: Ensure your home is tidy and as you wish for it to be viewed.


2.        Practice: Plan your route in advance of the video call.

•      Open all doors in advance for an easier walk through

•      Keep windows closed to reduce background noise

•      Try to avoid filming family photos or other personal items.


3.        Prepare your device:  Ensure it is fully charged and has good signal in every room or Wi-Fi.


4.        Lighting: View during the day if possible but also make sure the property is well lit; switch on all lights before taking the video.


5.        Framing: Hold the smartphone or tablet at eye level and try to make sure everything is clearly visible and that you are filming in landscape.


6.         Video Quality: Try to keep the camera steady and move slowly from room to room. On entering a room, head slowly to the centre of the room and slowly pan round to show each corner.


7.        Audio: If you are speaking, try not speak too quickly and be clear. Your viewing shouldn't be too scripted but know what you want to say as if you were speaking directly to people at a regular viewing.


8.        No Audio: If you would rather not speak during the video, minimise the noise when opening doors, remove your shoes to hide footsteps and try not to cough :)


9.        Length: The initial walk through can be anything between 1 – 5  minutes, depending on the property. Once you have completed the walk through you can invite questions from the viewers and return to the rooms or features, the participants request to take a closer look at.




Viewing meetings will be scheduled on Microsoft Teams desktop by Rettie staff.  This generates a link which we will share with you and viewers. Anyone conducting a MS Teams viewing will need to download the Teams mobile app on their smartphone or tablet, create a password and once you have agreed to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions etc, you are ready to join a meeting.


Please check out further information on 'What is included on the free version of  Teams' there are details on the use on different types of desktop, tablet and mobile devices, training information and FAQs: