Coronavirus update

The wellbeing of our clients, staff and their families - together with continuity of service to clients - is of paramount importance. Outlined below are the precautionary measures we have taken to help protect our clients, our team and others.

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Viewings protocol

  • Wherever possible Rettie will use virtual video viewings (carried out by the vendor or a Rettie employee) as a first step to minimise the number of face to face viewing appointments. Physical viewings should only be attended by people seriously considering making an offer. 

  • Neither back to back, nor group viewings or open viewings will be held. 

  • If the property owner is carrying out the viewing, they will have been issued with the client viewing guidance in advance. 

  • No hard copy materials (brochure, paperwork etc) will be handed to the viewers, all information will be sent electronically in soft copy format .

  • Rettie will not arrange any face to face viewing appointments where anyone living in the property or the person viewing is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, however minor. All parties will receive the viewing protocol explaining this prior to the viewing taking place. 

    How to prepare the property for viewing: 

    • Ensure the property is cleaned with standard household cleaning products before and between viewings, paying particular attention to touch surfaces such as door handles.

    • Leave all doors and built in storage cupboards open, to minimise touching of surfaces.

    • Switch all lights on.

    • Allow access to handwashing facilities and ideally separate towels to those used by the household or disposable paper towels. Provide hand sanitiser at the entrance to the property.  The Rettie employee will always carry this with them, in case requried.

    • For the duration of the viewing please vacate the property if possible (standing in the garden or street) or remain in one room with a closed door if is not possible to leave the property. 

  • A maximum of two viewers from the same household will be allowed in the property at the same time. Ideally small children should not attend but if this is necessary, they should try to avoid touching surfaces and be encouraged to regularly wash their hands.

  • Viewers should wait in their cars or 2m from the entrance of the property until they are told they can enter.

  • Rettie employees will wear a face covering, we request all customers also wear a face covering when inside the property.

  • Viewers should bring their own hand sanitiser to the appointment.

  • The Rettie employee will remain outside the property during the viewing and 2m from the viewers and owners when outside.

  • All follow up discussions will take place via phone, away from the property to ensure the viewing appointment itself can be kept as brief as possible.

  • Follow up viewings - Prospective purchasers may wish to visit a property again once they have agreed a sale, for example to measure up. Where this has been agreed to, the above advice on prioritising virtual visits, hygiene measures, maintaining social distancing and mitigating contact where possible, should be followed.

  • Purchasers may also want to send in tradespeople to carry out inspections. This is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange.
  • We recommend you read the government advice on home moving during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Please click here