Mid-Market Rent Homes Offer an Alternative to Renting Social Housing or Private Homes.

The rents that apply to Mid-Market are generally lower than private lets and higher than social housing. As such there can be specific criteria required when applying for these properties.

Residents normally get a Private Residential Tenancy, which is the same type of lease as most tenants get when they rent privately in Scotland but, as well as lower rents, some Mid-Market rental properties also allow the tenant the opportunity to purchase the property in year(s) 5 - 10. A deposit match savings scheme may also be available from the landlord to help tenants purchase the property.

Criteria for these properties is project dependant but is generally geared towards people who are economically active and looking for long term accommodation. Mid-Market rent is aimed at people who cannot afford home ownership but would not usually be eligible for social housing, there could be a minimum and maximum income criteria in place to reflect this aim.

Because of the wide range of people that Mid-Market rent is designed to cater for, there is a lot of variety in the developments that are available, with properties ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom properties.