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15 May 2024

Join one of Scotland's leading independent firms.

On the airwaves
15 May 2024

Rettie’s Director of Research, Dr John Boyle, has featured in a set of podcasts in recent weeks in which he gives his latest take on market changes as well as the impact of new legislation and how to address Scotland’s housing problems. Each is summarised here with a link to the podcast itself.

Increased confidence for new landlords, but still no sign of any investors.
18 Apr 2024

Existing owners, who through a change in personal circumstances are renting their properties in today’s market, seem very comfortable with the new rent controls. For these circumstantial landlords, the prospect of 6% annual rent increases has been widely accepted as very reasonable and agreeable.

Prestige Scotland Magazine Spring-Summer 2024
4 Apr 2024

A warm welcome to Prestige Scotland, a property lifestyle magazine celebrating luxury living. Within each edition, we will shine the spotlight on all things stylish in Scotland, bringing you the very best in property, culture, motoring and much more.

Skipton Building Society Launches 100% Loan To Value Mortgage Product for First-Time Buyers
3 Apr 2024

Are you a first time buyer who's been struggling to save up for a deposit on your dream home? Skipton Building Society may have the solution for you. They've launched a new mortgage product designed specifically for first time buyers who are currently renting. With this product, eligible applicants can borrow up to 100% LTV without needing a deposit, as long as they can demonstrate a track record of paying rent and household bills consistently for at least 12 months within the last 18 months.

Examining Scotland's New Housing Bill Legislation
27 Mar 2024

The Scottish Government has today introduced a new housing bill aimed at addressing homelessness, implementing rent controls and addressing tenants’ rights. This marks a significant development in the country's housing policy landscape.

The Benefits of 'Single Point of Contact' Property Management
15 Mar 2024

Property management is nuanced. No two properties are the same, and when you add in landlords, tenants, contractors and the neighbours, there are many variables and complex relationships to manage.

Rettie Supports New Homes Week
29 Feb 2024

Rettie are proud to be supporting New Homes Week 2024 to celebrate the benefits of new builds!

Rettie Lettings Webinar - Navigating the Choppy Waters of the Lettings Market
21 Feb 2024

The Scottish Government has confirmed the rent increase procedure which will apply when the rent cap legislation ends on 31st March 2024. It will allow for Landlords to increase rents and for Tenants to dispute increases. The idea is simple enough, but the process isn't.

Enhancing Edinburgh's Heritage Through Redevelopment
5 Feb 2024

As we head into 2024 and reflect on the previous year we have had, there have been numerous highlights that are worth celebrating.

2023 Rental Market Summary - Edinburgh & Glasgow
1 Feb 2024

From Spring 2023 through to Autumn, demand for rental properties across Edinburgh and Glasgow far exceeded supply, leading to steep competition between tenants and double digit rent inflation. With the 3% rent cap remaining, combined with the rise in interest rates, landlords with vacant properties increased their rents more than in previous years.

Scotland's Housing Need - In the Press
26 Jan 2024

Earlier this week, Rettie released a report on the existing housing need in Scotland.