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Rent Control - Time to Act Before October 27th
13 Oct 2023

Background – A New Deal for Tenants … The Government are moving forward with rent control proposals, this includes controlling rents in between tenancies so properties will never be able to revert to the market rate.

A Tale of 4 Cities
11 Oct 2023

The Build to Rent (BTR) sector is growing in Scotland, providing professional managed private rented accommodation funded by institutional investors. There are now close to 17,000 homes operating or in the pipeline across the country. Rettie & Co. have produced individual reports, providing the latest updates on BTR delivery in each of Scotland’s main cities.

Unlocking Value and Personalised Service: The Benefits of Rettie & Co.'s Landlord’s Insurance Block Policy arranged by Howden
11 Oct 2023

Being a landlord comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One of the crucial aspects of safeguarding your let property investment is having the appropriate insurance coverage in place.

The Sustainability Benefits of Living in a New Build Home
4 Oct 2023

New build developments can offer a number of advantages over older homes, including modern amenities, open-plan living, and accessibility. But what about the sustainability benefits of living in a new build development? In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways in which new build developments can be more sustainable than older homes. In the next part of the series we will also cover some tips for choosing a new build development that is as green as possible.

Prestige Scotland Magazine Autumn-Winter 2023
30 Sep 2023

A warm welcome to Prestige Scotland, a property lifestyle magazine celebrating luxury living. Within each edition, we will shine the spotlight on all things stylish in Scotland, bringing you the very best in property, culture, motoring and much more. Rettie & Co.

Greener Homes for Scotland Series
27 Sep 2023

On a blustery chilly September day in Edinburgh, it is easy to forget that July saw the hottest global month on record, and that climate change is a very stark reality for a large percentage of the global population, even though our own microclimate is somewhat cooler.

UK Rental Market Report September 2023
22 Sep 2023

This most recent rental market report from Zoopla and Hometrack (part of Houseful) shows that residential rent price pressures are being seen across the UK, but particularly in Scotland. The current rent caps on existing tenancies have simply fuelled greater rises in rents on new tenancies - much as forecasted.

Bank of England Maintains Base Interest Rate Amidst Speculation
21 Sep 2023

After significant unpredictability and extensive media speculation, the Bank of England's decision to maintain the base interest rate at 5.25% came as a surprise. So, what are the implications for those considering their first home purchase or planning to relocate?

Glasgow Rental Market Summary, September 2023
20 Sep 2023

In summer last year, we endured the effects of the ever more acute supply/demand problem in the private rented sector in Glasgow. The levels of demand and volume of applicants missing out on properties was unprecedented in my 20 plus years working in the industry.

Edinburgh Rental Market Summary, September 2023
20 Sep 2023

The Edinburgh housing market is witnessing unprecedented levels of demand for rental accommodation and, most worryingly, an unprecedented shortage of supply.

Waverley Square: Ripe for Investors
19 Sep 2023

Set in the heart of Edinburgh's iconic Old Town, a neighbourhood peppered with history and culture, Waverley Square is surrounded by a beguiling mix of contemporary architecture and the Old Town's medieval characteristics - cobbled streets, steep closes, and hidden corners.

Why Landlords Should Consider Independent Advice for Re-mortgaging
19 Sep 2023

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, landlords are facing an unprecedented challenge: the Bank of England has increased the base interest rate a staggering 14 consecutive times. Gone are the days of sub-2% mortgage rates, making it imperative for landlords to rethink their mortgage strategies.