Barney Mains and Amisfield Mains Farms combine to form a large arable unit. The overall acreage combines to about 1,076 acres with about 898 acres of arable ground and 131 acres of permanent pasture and rough grazings.

Country detached house surrounded by open fields


Barney Mains and Amisfield Mains Farms lie to the east and north east of Haddington in the favoured agricultural and residential county of East Lothian. The farms predominately lie in a contiguous block to the north of the A1 with about 136 acres to the south of the A1 and benefit from a south facing aspect. The farmlands rise from the Banks of the River Tyne on the outskirts of Haddington to a high point of around 180m above mean sea level on Garleton Law.

Barney Mains Farm

Lot 1: Barney Mains Farm

Barney Mains lies to the north of the A1, a short distance east of Haddington. The farm occupies a single ring fence with about 433 acres of arable land and 115 acres of grazings. The balance of the land comprises house and steadings, tracks, rough ground, woodland and miscellaneous. The farmland is complimented by a period farmhouse, an extensive traditional and modern farm steading suited to both cereal and livestock production and 2 farm cottages

Amisfield Farm fields

Lot 2: Amisfield Mains Farm

The main block of the Amisfield Farmlands lies to the north of the A1 and the A199. This principal block of farmlands extends to about 363 acres encompassing about 335 acres of arable,16 acres of rough grazings and 10 acres of woodlands with the balance comprising roads and tracks. The land has been farmed on a rotational basis in recent years with cropping primarily comprising winter wheat, spring oats, oilseed rape and potatoes.

Amisfield Farm Fields with housing in the background

Lot 3: Amisfield Mains Farmland

This block of fertile prime arable farmland sits directly to the east of the town of Haddington and offers medium term development potential. The land extends to about 136 acres in all including about 131 acres of arable farmland. The balance of land comprises the track along the northern boundary and the banks of the River Tyne along the southern boundary.