We are very pleased to announce that Canopy & Zero Deposit have announced a collaboration to provide deposit replacement to its agent community, starting with Rettie & Co. At Rettie & Co. we already use Canopy's RentPassport, and will now be adding Zero Deposit's deposit replacement alternative.

One of the main issues renters face is deposits, either struggling to pull together the funds for the deposit in the first place or getting their deposit back at the end of the tenancy. With an in-depth knowledge of the deposit replacement market, Canopy has partnered with Zero Deposit to solve the affordiablity problem.

With Zero Deposit, renters are able to move without putting down a cash despoit and it is the category's only fully regulated insurance-backed Guarantee. Instead, renters pay a small upfront payment of either one week's rent or a low monthly fee that ends at 12 months. The Zero Deposit Guarantee is being offered through Rettie & Co. as part of an integrated experience.

Gillian McLees, Director of Build to Rent at Rettie & Co., commented:

“We are committed to the financial health of our tenants and working with Zero Deposit provides a fair and innovative alternative to a cash deposit. As landlords ourselves, we highly value the security and additional protection of an insurance-backed alternative.”

Gillian McLees