A warm welcome to Prestige Scotland, a property lifestyle magazine celebrating luxury living. Within each edition, we will shine the spotlight on all things stylish in Scotland, bringing you the very best in property, culture, motoring and much more.

Rettie are delighted once again to feature a number of spectacular properties, from our Residential, New Homes, and Lettings teams. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our property experts to find out more.

This edition also features a special piece from Bob Duncan - Managing Director, Rettie Financial Services:

"Since Rettie Financial Services launched back in February 2022, it has felt like mortgage rates have been dominating the headlines. We've witnessed inflation peak at 11.1%, a 41 year high. We also saw 14 consecutive changes in the Bank of England base rate where it reached its highest level on record, 5.25%, and let's not forget the mini budget which took the average mortgage from 3.66%, peaking at 6.94%.

It's fair to say everyone has felt the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. However, with the latest inflation figures showing signs of returning to normalcy and the property market experiencing a resurgence, it seems like we've turned a corner. Whilst it's still expected that transactions will be down this year with only a modest increase in the average home price, things are looking much better than predicted.

Looking back, mortgage lenders have made considerable efforts to keep mortgage rates favourable. Unfortunately, this has made securing the right mortgage more challenging with rates fluctuating up and down, and even rates being pulled from the market with little or no notice.

However, they've also offered great incentives to help first-time buyers enter the market. We've seen Skipton launch the UK’s first 100% mortgage, Nationwide increase affordability for FTB’s with a 5% deposit, and many mainstream lenders increase affordability for mid-market buyers. This unprecedented change in such a regulated market demonstrates that mortgage lenders are keen to facilitate lending and are thinking outside the box to assist.

At Rettie, we knew as the new mortgage broker in town, we had to be different. Rettie is about service, communication, and clear advice, but above all, it's about networking. Our teams primary focus is not just about securing the right mortgage and protection for our clients but also helping them find their dream home. With a great estate agency team, and a valued network of solicitors, we can connect buyers to properties across the UK market and support them whatever their next move. Our team have embraced the ethos of exceptional customer service, and in a short period, we've received over 90 five-star reviews, soon to top 100. This underscores the value we add to every transaction we deal with."

Bob Duncan

Managing Director,
Rettie Financial Services.

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