We're supporting Scottish Housing Day Because...

We're supporting Scottish Housing Day Because...


To celebrate this year's Scottish Housing Day the Build to Rent at Rettie & Co. are sharing their stories and what housing means to them.

My name is Alexander, I work for the Build-to rent team at Rettie. I recently graduated from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, where I studied the BSc Urban Planning & Property Development (Hons) programme. My role as the Resident Services Assistant entails many things. I work a lot in the office, or from home as most of us currently do- I enjoy my current role as I spend quite a bit of my time out and about meeting clients, conducting viewings, and carrying out inspections. Due to the breadth of projects that Rettie and my team are involved in, there is also room to grow within the company.

As the BTR sector becomes larger and starts to mature as a viable investment, our team will also grow with it. Additionally, working in Rettie’s BTR team means that I have access to the latest developments within the sector and therefore also know what is being planned and developed around the city. Working at Rettie has allowed me to explore areas all around Scotland so I know that it's not just Edinburgh that needs more and new types of housing. 

I am supporting Scottish Housing Day, as I genuinely believe that housing is a human right and that we need to build more affordable and quality housing for all sectors of our society. I love working in property, it’s such a diverse sector, there are so many different areas that you can learn about and often this involves contrasting and innovative approaches. We always have to come up with new ideas because as society moves forward so does property. Working in an old city such as Edinburgh has its challenges, however working in this type of place keeps you on your toes and our ideas and plans need to evolve in order to continue to build quality housing and tackle our housing shortage.

About Alexander Iyahen

Alexander joined our Edinburgh Festival Rentals team in June 2019. He then made the move to our Build to Rent team in November 2019 and is committed to providing excellent service to both our clien...

Alexander Iyahen
Resident Services Assistant
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