Yesterday, on Scottish Housing Day, Rettie donated over 1000 items of linen, towels and bedding to a group of local charities. We were delighted to save these items from landfil and donate them to those in need at the local charities. Social Bite coordinated and arranged the collection and distributed the items to the various charities, including Social Bite Village, RAF Dowding House, Scottish Veterans Residences and the Glasgow Safe in Scotland shelter.

We were so pleased to have lots of generous feedback from our charitable partners and to hear how well the donations were received.

"Please accept my thanks for a cracking day at the office! These donation touched so many including social bite village, older tri service veterans who will receive linen at RAF Dowding House, formerly homeless veterans at Scottish Veterans Residences Whitefoord House Edinburgh and Bellrock Close Glasgow (supported accomodation) and the Glasgow Safe in Scotland shelter."
David Gibson - Founder, Fares4Free

" Thanks so much for the donation of the linen and towels. This was so much needed for our service."
Wendy Milne - Service Manager, Safe in Scotland

"Your donation is absolutely fantastic. Really blown away with the generosity and the impact this will make to a range of charity groups including our village and Social Bite vulnerable staff team."
Barbara Haig - Social Bite

Lady standing at van filled with donation of linen