The Rettie name stands for excellence in private sales.

Private sales are a great option for numerous buyers and sellers, providing flexibility and directness that can accommodate a wide range of circumstances.

Private sales are the premium matchmaking service of estate agency, and our exclusive database of over 13,000 registered buyers allows us to provide a discrete and effective way of selling your property or estate without the need for public marketing.

There are many advantages to selling privately, with a key attribute being the privacy it allows for the home, its contents and the value. There is no risk of buyers on a research gathering mission or merely wanting a gander at a property in a specific location.

The tailored nature of this service does carry a premium, which means that some homes will not be an ideal fit for this type of sale. However, contrary to stereotypes, it does not limit private sales to over million-pound homes.

If you feel that a private sale with Rettie could be a viable and beneficial option. click here to find your nearest branch.