Property management is nuanced. No two properties are the same, and when you add in landlords, tenants, contractors and the neighbours, there are many variables and complex relationships to manage. If there are then multiple people within a letting agency managing the various stages of a tenancy cycle, the opportunities to make mistakes or poor decisions becomes almost infinite.

At Rettie we understand the need for a ‘joined-up thinking’ approach to property management, and we ensure the number of properties managed by each staff member enables them to deliver a responsive and personalised service to our landlords and tenants.

Why Choose Rettie?


Having one person who is ultimately accountable and responsible for all aspects of a rented property, and the various people connected to it, means they can deliver a service which can be tailored to suit the unique differences of any situation.

Client Alignment

With multiple people involved in managing a property, there is a risk that an individual responsible for only one stage of a tenancy cycle, is less concerned with the wider impact of their actions.

A Lettings Negotiator may only be concerned with securing offers quickly without doing their due diligence, if they aren’t accountable if something goes wrong with that tenancy further down the line.

An individual carrying out routine inspections, without overall responsibility for that property, will never be as thorough as someone who has a long-term vested interest in the overall performance of that property.

Repairs & Maintenance

At Rettie our portfolio managers who arrange any works, will also be carrying out regular inspections, they know exactly what work to check on to ensure high standards are maintained. It also helps when arranging repairs, if the portfolio manager knows the property intimately, and the history of previous repairs.

Void Periods

Minimising down-time between tenancies ensures landlords’ income is not eroded. When tenant’s serve notice, it will never be more than 6 months since our portfolio managers have visited that property. They will know what condition it is in, what works need done, and what the market value is. They can immediately start marketing, setting a void period which allows for an efficient turnaround, and start the process of arranging any quotes for works to be done during that period.

Rent Reviews

Contrary to what is often reported in the press, not all landlords are motivated to maximise the rent their tenant pays. Most landlords look to encourage long-term occupancy, and reward their tenants for taking care of their properties. A dedicated portfolio manager will know their landlords, and understand their differing needs and motivations. They will know if it is appropriate to propose a modest rent increase, a larger increase or no increase at all.


When one individual takes ultimate responsibility for the performance of their own portfolio, that allows them to measure their own performance very specifically and take full ownership for what they do. This encourages staff to take pride in the performance of their portfolio and to see the positive outcome of all their hard work and dedication.