Travelling the world and embracing different cultures is a joy that has, for many, been put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many international visitors are embracing all that Scotland has to offer, and we have seen increased demand for long term and short term lets from residents from around the globe. Our Rettie & Co. Lettings team is very multi-national, and we are proud to be able to support our customers with several different languages within the team. Our team of multi-lingual specialists can use their language skills to help make residents feel comfortable and make their moves effortless and quick.

Whatever language you speak, Rettie are here for you:

We’ve recently caught up with the Rettie & Co. Lettings team and our international team members to share some insights from their native countries and the cultures that they’re proud of. We can’t wait to travel again and visit some of these wonderful destinations, but in the meantime, we are here to support international residents who are looking to rent property in Scotland, and we’ll endeavour to help you on this journey with our multi-lingual team.

Here’s some lovely personal accounts from home, from some of our international team members:

Marina Pellegrini, Portfolio Administrator, said: “I come from a region in the North East of Italy where four different languages are spoken. The culture of the region itself is influenced by the coming together of three main different European cultures – Italian, Germanic and Eastern European. I feel fortunate to have been raised in a part of the world where we are surrounded by so much beauty, breathtaking landscapes ranging from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, beautiful architecture, delicious food and wine, white winters and hot summers. I do miss it dearly and hope to be able to go back to visit my family soon!

Marina in Cathedral

Weeris Yimsiri, Portfolio Manager, shared his thoughts: “I come from Thailand and our country is renowned for exotic food and is affectionately known as the land of the smile. The Thai’s have a saying, “Mai Pen Rai”, which means “no worries”, “don’t mention it”, or “it’s not a bother to me” – this is an attitude that I’m proud to bring to Rettie & Co. and always strive to go the extra mile for our customers”.

Weeris in Thailand

Iwona Wolinska told us all about her favourite food from Poland: “Polish dumplings are simply the best in the world :) . Polish food is absolutely delicious. Zurek, gołąbki, golonka and kotlet schabowy will blow your mind but the Polish dish that you MUST try is called pierogi! Pierogies are a kind of dough dumpling filled with different fillings. Usually cooked or baked pierogies are served with the greaves, onion or sour cream.

Photo of Pierogi

Finally, Sebastian Bulloch, Portfolio Administrator told us: “Colombian culture treats people like family – I’m proud of this as we welcome anyone into our country to enjoy the interculturality, music, and biodiversity the country has to offer.

When we order a coffee or food we say “Me regalas?” which literally translates as can you gift me this? It’s our way of politely asking for something, even if we are going to pay for it. I’m proud as it illustrates, we are immensely grateful for everything we get.

We always love hearing stories from our customers native backgrounds and can’t wait to visit these destinations one day soon. We always endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible here in Scotland in your home away from home.