We are delighted to release our Prime Market Review, courtesy of the Rettie research team, Scotland’s largest dedicated property research team.

Key Findings

  • The sales of Edinburgh prime properties (those with prices over £500,000) rose by 18% over 2017, having been subdued in the previous 2 years after the introduction of LBTT.
  • The rise in activity levels was particularly pronounced in the second half of 2017, after the UK General Election and the apparent postponement of Indyref2.
  • The rise is also partly due to the increase in new build supply in this market, which had over 200 sales in 2017, as developers see the gap in this market due to the lack of available second-hand stock.
  • EH3 remains at the heart of the Edinburgh prime rental market and accounts for more prime rents in the city than anywhere else.