In-depth knowledge of the local and national marketplace is essential for clients seeking to manage the placement of what is often their most significant asset. Rettie are able to back up our Estate Agency advice with detailed research. Led by Dr John Boyle, our team of dedicated research analysts provide invaluable data to our growing network of property professionals as well as individual buyers and sellers. The most recent report has been compiled to assist homeowners in the Glasgow West End property market in making informed decisions when buying and/or selling property.

In summary Scottish property market conditions continue to be challenging, however our Research Team have identified some very positive signals in the Glasgow West End property market:

• Property prices in the West End in general are 33% higher than the Glasgow average and in G12 in particular, they are 89% higher than the Glasgow average.
• There is traditionally a 40% rise in market activity around Spring and early Summer.
• We anticipate property prices will grow by 21% over the next five years in Glasgow West End.

Since the opening of our office in the West End, we are proud that we have achieved consistently successful results for our clients with an average speed of sale that is 46% faster than many of our competitors.