Rettie’s Director of Research, Dr John Boyle, has featured in a set of podcasts in recent weeks in which he gives his latest take on market changes as well as the impact of new legislation and how to address Scotland’s housing problems.

Each is summarised here with a link to the podcast itself.

MoveIQ – Interview with Phil Spencer

UK House Prices 2024 | An Economist's View (

In this interview with the property guru Phil Spencer, John shares his thoughts on matters such as: current trends in the housing market; the difference in performance between rural and urban markets; interest rate trends; and impact of rent control in Scotland.

As ever, evidence is provided to support all points made. You will see from the comments below the link that not everyone agrees with John’s analysis! Some people think that the housing market is about to crash, or indeed has crashed (and we are just unaware of it).

You can have a listen and make up your own mind!

Scottish Housing News

Housing Bill part 1: Rent controls and tenants’ rights - podcast transcript | Scottish Housing News

In an interview with Kieran Findlay (editor of Scottish Housing News) and Jimmy Black (former Dundee Housing Convenor and housing justice campaigner), John (alongside Professor Douglas Robertson) explores aspects of the Scottish Government’s new Housing Bill and what it may mean for landlords and tenants.

Much of the discussion surrounds the national system of rent controls proposed and their possible consequences. There is also discussion around other aspects of the Bill, including allowing tenants to redecorate, keep pets and end joint tenancies more easily.

Some parts of the discussion have been superseded by rapidly changing political events in recent days, such as the scraping of the Bute House Agreement between the SNP and the Scottish Greens. However, the Housing Bill remains relevant as it has been proposed and will go through a parliamentary process.

Scottish Housing Podcast

The Scottish Housing Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Finally, John joined Brian Gilmour (another property guru and regular face and voice on BBC Scotland) and Stephen Purcell (former leader of Glasgow City Council) to discuss current housing market changes, particularly in the sales and rental market, as well as Scotland’s Build to Rent sector and how it is being hampered by government legislation.

In a wide-ranging interview, John, Brian and Stephen dip into other subjects such as interest rate setting, demographic change in Scotland and (that old favourite) the Scottish planning system.