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On the airwaves
15 May 2024

Rettie’s Director of Research, Dr John Boyle, has featured in a set of podcasts in recent weeks in which he gives his latest take on market changes as well as the impact of new legislation and how to address Scotland’s housing problems. Each is summarised here with a link to the podcast itself.

2023 Rental Market Summary - Edinburgh & Glasgow
1 Feb 2024

From Spring 2023 through to Autumn, demand for rental properties across Edinburgh and Glasgow far exceeded supply, leading to steep competition between tenants and double digit rent inflation. With the 3% rent cap remaining, combined with the rise in interest rates, landlords with vacant properties increased their rents more than in previous years.

Scotland's Housing Need - In the Press
26 Jan 2024

Earlier this week, Rettie released a report on the existing housing need in Scotland.

Understanding Rettie Research: A Closer Look at Property Consultancy
12 Jan 2024

Welcome to Rettie Research Property Consultancy, where we approach the evolving world of property consultancy in a fresh light. Recently recognized as Associate Member of the Year at the Homes for Scotland Awards, our team invites you to join us and become part of a team that helps to set new standards and shape the property industry.

2023 Rental Market Roundup Summary - Edinburgh & Glasgow
1 Dec 2023

Demand for rental properties across most levels in the market has been strong from the start of Q1 2023 and increased through Q2 & Q3. During the summer months, demand for affordable accommodation (£1000pcm - £1500pcm in Edinburgh & £800 - £1,200 in Glasgow), rose to almost unmanageable levels.

A Tale of 4 Cities
11 Oct 2023

The Build to Rent (BTR) sector is growing in Scotland, providing professional managed private rented accommodation funded by institutional investors. There are now close to 17,000 homes operating or in the pipeline across the country. Rettie have produced individual reports, providing the latest updates on BTR delivery in each of Scotland’s main cities.

The Scottish Housing Market - Q1 2023
9 May 2023

The results are now in from Registers of Scotland on how the Scottish Housing Market has performed in January to March 2023, and give us an initial temperature check on the year. It may not be the most precise or nuanced term but 'not bad' is the way that many in the industry seem to be summarising progress to date.

Glasgow Southside Residential Sales Update
1 Jan 2020

Glasgow's leafy Southside has experienced the rising tide of the Glasgow market in the recent years.

Glasgow West End Residential Market Update
4 Dec 2019

Glasgow West End is a unique and diverse market place. Click to read our latest market updates.

Bearsden Residential Market Update
29 Nov 2019

Bearsden is one of the most sought-after areas of Glasgow and has long been a leafy, secluded haven just a stone throw from the Glasgow metropolitan area.

The Rettie Ruminant—Dalquharran Estate Sale
23 Oct 2019

Rettie are pleased to announce the completion of the sale of the historic Dalquharran Estate in South Ayrshire. This notable estate, which possesses significant heritage and offers substantial development potential, has been acquired by a local agri-businessman.

Sunshine on Leith
26 Jul 2019

Edinburgh's Hot Area to Live … Following the curve of the southern shoreline of the Firth of Forth, Leith is located in northeast Edinburgh and has a rich maritime and industrial history. It has been the city’s port since settlement and until 1920 was a separate town to Edinburgh.