Rettie were proud to sponsor the drinks reception at the recent Jordanhill School Centenary Dinner.

The event was something that Maitland Walker, Managing Partner at Rettie West End LLP, felt extremely passionate about supporting as he has been immersed in the Jordanhill area all his life.

Not only did Maitland attend the school himself, but his father was also school captain from 1955-56 and his mother taught English there for the main part of her career.

Speaking after the event, which saw over 350 people celebrate the centenary of the school, Maitland said:

“It was an honour to be part of the centenary celebration which like many other events was two years late.

“The dinner was a huge success and Kelvingrove Art Gallery was an incredible venue.

“As was discussed on the evening, Jordanhill School shaped and created many people’s lives, including mine. The environment and teaching were exceptional and there was a family feel to the school.

“I have been proud to sell houses in this area for the last 36 years and due to that, I have continued my close association with the school.

“I wanted to say a small thank you to Jordanhill for what they did for me by supporting them and sponsoring a part of what was a very successful event.”

Photo of the Jordanhill Centenary Dinner at Kelvingrove Art Galleries