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Bank of England Maintains Base Interest Rate Amidst Speculation
21 Sep 2023

After significant unpredictability and extensive media speculation, the Bank of England's decision to maintain the base interest rate at 5.25% came as a surprise. So, what are the implications for those considering their first home purchase or planning to relocate?

Why Landlords Should Consider Independent Advice for Re-mortgaging
19 Sep 2023

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, landlords are facing an unprecedented challenge: the Bank of England has increased the base interest rate a staggering 14 consecutive times. Gone are the days of sub-2% mortgage rates, making it imperative for landlords to rethink their mortgage strategies.

Skipton Building Society Launches 100% Loan To Value Mortgage Product for First-Time Buyers
9 May 2023

Are you a first-time buyer who's been struggling to save up for a deposit on your dream home? Skipton Building Society may have the solution for you. They've just launched a new mortgage product designed specifically for first-time buyers who are currently renting. With this product, eligible applicants can borrow up to 100% LTV without needing a deposit, as long as they can demonstrate a track record of paying rent and household bills consistently for at least 12 months within the last 18 months. In this informative blog, you'll learn more about the product's features, eligibility criteria, and next steps to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance to get onto the property ladder without needing a large deposit. Read the blog now and take the first step towards your dream home.

Get on the property ladder in Scotland with Rettie Financial Services and the LIFT Scheme
26 Apr 2023

Take the first step towards owning your dream home in Scotland with Rettie Financial Services and the Low Cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (LIFT) Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) scheme.

Spring Property Market: Why Being Mortgage Ready is Essential for Buyers and Sellers
20 Apr 2023

Are you planning to buy or sell a property this spring? Then you need to be mortgage ready! Getting your finances in order, assessing your budget, and seeking independent mortgage advice can help you make informed decisions and find the right mortgage for your needs. That's why we've put together a helpful blog post that explains why being mortgage ready is key in the spring property market.

Tips for Preparing for Moving Day and Managing Your Mortgage with Rettie Financial Services
12 Apr 2023

Moving day can be overwhelming, but with the right preparation, it can be a smooth experience. In this blog post, we share tips for preparing for moving day, including starting to pack early, labeling boxes clearly, notifying utilities, and arranging for professional help. If you're a homeowner with a mortgage, it's important to manage it carefully on moving day. Rettie Financial Services can help you with your mortgage renewal and ensure that you're getting the best deal for your needs.

First Time Buyer Series: The Importance of Solicitors, Negotiating Price, Home Reports, and Mortgage Advice
5 Apr 2023

Looking to buy a home in Scotland or the UK? This informative article covers the essential aspects of the home buying process, including the role of solicitors, negotiating property prices, reviewing home reports, and seeking mortgage advice. Discover how Rettie Financial Services can help you find the best mortgage deal. With this knowledge, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of home buying with ease.

First Time Buyer Series: Affordability, Budgeting & Agreements in Principle
16 Mar 2023

Are you a first-time homebuyer feeling overwhelmed by the process? Don't worry - we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll share three crucial steps to take before purchasing a property, including completing an affordability test, creating a budget, and obtaining an agreement in principle from a mortgage lender. Plus, we'll introduce you to our homebuying app, which provides all the tools and information you need to make informed decisions and simplify your journey to homeownership.

First Time Buyer Series: Mortgage Products & Protection
15 Dec 2022

The second article in our first time buyer series of blogs explains the different types of mortgage and protection products available.

First Time Buyer Series: Deposits & Buying Costs
7 Dec 2022

The first blog in our First Time Buyer Series covering the topic of deposits and buying costs, including budgeting, saving, first time buyer schemes, LISAs, the Bank of Mum and Dad, legal fees and mortgage fees.

Rettie Financial Services Weekly Mortgage Updates
25 Nov 2022

Watch this week's Mortgage Update from Rettie Financial Services' Managing Director, Bob Duncan

What is a green mortgage?
23 Nov 2022

A green mortgage rewards you for buying or owning an energy efficient home. The same rules will apply if you make improvements or renovations to your home with the goal of making it more energy efficient. With green mortgages, lenders or banks will offer preferential terms to a house buyer if they can prove that the property they're looking at meets certain environmental standards. Homeowners will either get cheaper interest rates on their properties with high energy efficiency ratings, or they'll be offered cash back incentives to buy energy efficient properties. Some standard mortgages can also become green mortgages, but only if the homeowner commits to making energy efficient improvements. While some green mortgages can be more expensive, the main point of them is to incentivise homeowners to be greener.